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Best Practices

A Focus on Best Practices

McIntyre Group continuously works to identify, develop and apply best practices in all aspects of the company’s operation. As a complement to our in-house activities, we actively participate in Facilities Services Network, a best-practices group comprising 15 of the best and, in many cases, the biggest independent contract furniture installation companies in the United States, Canada and Australia. McIntyre is the sole Canadian member.

The FSN group meet three times a year to study issues of common interest and share benchmarks and best practices. The principals and key managers also exchange information by phone and email on a daily basis. The aim of all this activity is to identify, develop and implement best practices that reduce the time and cost of furniture and facility projects and help our clients be more productive and/or profitable.

Staying a step ahead

McIntyre Group strives to provide our crew leaders with the necessary tools needed to stay ahead of our competition.  To aid in the well-known professionalism of our crews, all of our lead installers are regularly required to undergo extensive leadership training delivered by human resources professionals.  The knowledge obtained in this training, along with many years of experience, has proven to provide our clients with a greater sense of satisfaction.  To, again, distinguish ourselves from the competition; McIntyre believes real-time communication of information across all levels of our organization has a dramatic increase in our customer service.  Through the use of BlackBerry smartphones, our field staff are able to communicate changes and information, including jobsite photography, back to the office in real time.  When coupled with our Field Force Automation software, this ability for real-time communication sets McIntyre apart in the office furniture installation industry.