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Our commitment to the environment

When we work for you we want you to be confident that all our services and products address environmental matters.  You can be sure of our commitment to the environment and that we will be constantly aiming to improve our performance.

Our environmental goals:

  • To adopt the highest environmental standards in the industry
  • To reduce the waste and pollution that is generated by our commercial activities
  • To actively promote re-cycling or re-use of materials whether generated by our business or our customers
  • To ensure the disposal of unusable waste is safe and minimizes any long term environmental impact
  • To conserve resources across our operations
  • To maintain our buildings to minimize their impact on the local environment
  • To work closely with our suppliers to share our goals and minimize the impact of the environment of our shared operations
  • To ensure all company vehicles are designed and maintained to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
  • To raise awareness of environmental concerns with our staff and encourage their ongoing involvement in our environmental improvements

What does our environmental policy mean to our customers?

You have the peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with a reliable, national service provider with rigorous commitments to the environment.