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How is Sound Absorption Rated?

how is sound absorption rated?

For customers looking to reduce sound pollution in any space, understanding what’s needed is key. This edition of the Acoustic Influencer explains the industry of absorption ratings.

Why White Noise is Gone

different uses of accoustics

Sound absorption plays a bigger role in your life than you might think. It’s everywhere, all the time. This edition of the Acoustic Influencer is dedicated to explaining how.

What is PET?

What is PET?

When it comes to the manufacturing of acoustic panels, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the gold standard. It’s the sturdy felt-like material we all know and love for its performance, aesthetics and durability. But what is it? Where is it manufactured? And how does it work? This edition of the Acoustic Influencer is devoted to exactly those questions.

Hang Tight: Creating Seamless Panel Walls

seamless wall panels

Gaps between acoustic panels are a customer’s nightmare. In the age of open office space, sound absorption is key but so are aesthetics. Panel gaps are the surest way to ruin both.

The Best Way to Cut Out Acoustic Panels


One brain, two steady hands and two good eyes. Those are important when it comes to cutting out panels for electrical boxes (or anything else). Read on to find out how to best use them.