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Moss is Boss

Moss acoustic features are what’s in now in trendy office design because of their functionality
and versatility. They bring nature indoors but need little if any care; are calming but can also
nature’s visual eye candy; provide texture but not hard edges; and are just plain cool.
However, moss is a long term investment. That’s the main barrier to using it in designs. And
that’s why this edition of the Acoustic Influencer breaks down what you need to think about
before committing to moss features.

The Space’s Purpose

Different spaces have different design needs — both in function and form. A classroom is much
different than an office, and that means moss might not be the best choice, even if it’s the one
you want.

Acoustic Requirements

Designers need to consider factors like speech intelligibility, noise control and reverberation
time. A recording studio needs precise sound isolation and control while a restaurant wants a
muted, comfortable atmosphere.

Aesthetic Preferences

Moss is cool, however it needs to integrate into it’s design surroundings — it needs to
compliment the overall design. This is where its versatility comes into play. Moss can be dyed to
match most colours and can be added to virtually any acoustic feature, no matter the shape or


Preserved moss (sometimes called Zombie moss) feeds off micronutrients in the air and doesn’t
require watering. Living moss may need some occasional care.


Sheet Moss is more economically friendly but isn’t very eye-catching. It’s quite flat, more like
turf. Reindeer Moss is the more engaging variety. It comes in more natural colours and shapes
and offers something more of a 3D texture.

McIntyre’s Choice

Preserved Reindeer Moss. It is a relatively easy moss to work with – blending various types of colors and textures makes each project unique and brings in that calming natural feel without all the bugs.
The Acoustic Influencer is the preserved Reindeer Moss of industry newsletters — it’s zero work
for you, is versatile and super cool. If you have questions about acoustic moss features, please
reach out. And if you have any topics you’d like to see in this space, let us know.

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