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Architectural Wall Installation

Addressing the Demand for Office Wall Solutions

McIntyre Group’s strategic emphasis on installation and reconfiguration services for architectural (demountable) walls reflects the market’s rapidly growing interest in this product category.  The key advantages typically include adaptability, sustainability, and cost efficiency relative to conventional interior construction.

Moveable Glass Walls in Office Hallway

Moveable Wall, Flexible Workspace

Office with Moveable Glass Walls

We started installing architectural walls in 2000, quickly gaining expertise in Teknion’s wall solutions. Today, we actively provide installation for all the top-selling wall brands in Canada— Teknion, Haworth, DIRTT, IMT, and Faram.

Dedicated Technical and Management Specialists

Architectural Wall Installer

Today’s architectural wall products demand specialized knowledge, attention and resources, and that’s what McIntyre provides.

Dedicated, certified teams of McIntyre employees perform our wall projects. Each team is equipped with the specialty tools needed for maximum efficiency on any size project. Team composition is a blend of expertise in project management, wall installation and construction.

Each team is led by an Architectural Wall Project Manager who has broad management responsibilities including client liaison, project planning, quote development, site visits, field measurements, participation in construction meetings, and preparation of change orders and invoicing.

The Project Managers also provide on-site supervision and audit their team members’ work to assure that it meets McIntyre’s high quality standards.

Over Forty Miles…and Counting

Architechtural Wall Track Installation

McIntyre’s dedication to technical and management excellence has made us a leader in architectural wall jobs in Canada.  Our highly skilled, dedicated wall teams have been in high demand to support Dealers and manufacturers across Canada where local resources and expertise may be limited or unavailable.  As of 2011 our teams have installed over 200,000 linear feet of architectural wall.