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Six Ways to Integrate Moss into Acoustic Designs

Integrating moss into acoustic designs is the most current design fad. Live walls are … dying (literally). While pleasing for their natural look, aroma and audible water features, they require a lot of upkeep and often leak, leading to expensive repairs and maintenance.

Preserved (or Zombie) moss requires zero maintenance. All it needs to survive is low light and airborne micronutrients. In fact, our client instruction kit is essentially “Look, don’t touch.”

It’s not the most economically viable ($100 or more a foot) but well integrated moss is a sustainable, one-time cost that brings the outdoors indoors and makes acoustic engineering even more effective. When combined with barn board, river rock or other biophilic elements, most people don’t even realize it’s performing a job, they just think it looks cool.

What are some of the ways McIntyre Group is integrating moss into acoustic designs? That’s what this edition of the Acoustic Influencer digs into.


The acoustic backing could be sound absorbing panels or foam — not exactly the sexiest look. Adding moss (dyed or natural) takes any wall from ordinary to extraordinary and improves its sound qualities.


Sandwiching moss between layers of sound absorbing materials adds an aesthetic to wall or ceiling panels (Yes! Moss can be hung. More on that later.) while not breaking the bank.

Freestanding dividers

Create individual areas within larger spaces without adding walls — and make them look and feel like so much more than cubicles.

Art installations

Integrating moss into large-scale acoustic art pieces enhances the overall design of the space, adding a sophisticated and trendy touch while providing some degree of sound absorption


This is a developing technique, but acoustic sofas, chairs and benches also help with sound control. Incorporating moss sections (think backs and sides, not seats) adds a calming influence to any aesthetic.


Moss can be installed on ceiling structures or suspended. When combined with acoustic baffles or diffusers, it contributes to noise reduction and creates awesome visual effects.

Like moss integrations, the Acoustic Influencer is all about style and substance. If there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about, just add a comment. We’ll be happy to oblige.

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