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The Best Way to Cut Out Acoustic Panels

This edition of The Acoustic Influencer by McIntyre Group is dedicated to cut outs for electrical boxes. Seems like a simple job, but with acoustic panels running upwards of $1,000 a piece and customers expecting slick looks, it’s anything but easy.

This is your three-step guide to efficiently creating a visually pleasing finish.

Step 1: The Dry Run

Tools: 1 Brain, 1 Pencil, 1 Straight Edge, 1 Level

  • Never install the panel before cutting
  • Measure the needed cut outs. Double check your numbers. Repeat. (Time is money but trust us, this is worth it.)
  • Mark the measurements on the panel
  • Use the level to ensure the markings are straight

AI Tip: Add an extra layer of careful. Use painter’s tape and mark measurements on it so any mistakes aren’t made on the panel itself.

Step 2: The Cut

Tools: 2 Steady Hands, 1 Sharp Blade or Festool

  • Cut along the lines (carefully!)

AI Tip: To keep a crisp and clean edge while cutting – use a sharp knife blade/ a GUS tool or a fine blade in a Festool.

Step 3: The Clean Look

Tools: 2 Good Eyes, 1 Screwdriver

Materials: Box Extension, Long Screws

  • Kill the power to the box!
  • Put the panel up (don’t install it yet)
  • Check the fit of the electrical box to make sure the cut out is accurate
  • Install the box extension
  • Square up the faceplate
  • Screw the faceplate on top of the panel

AI Tip: Don’t be afraid to wiggle things around a little to give the faceplate a true look.

The Acoustic Influencer has one goal: to create industry discussion around best practices in acoustic panel installation. If you liked this edition, please comment, share and follow. In our next blog, we’ll discuss best practices for installing acoustic panels.

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