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Aegis Microbe Shield

Prevent, Protect, and Defend



McIntyre Group utilizes an innovative technology called Aegis® Microbe Shield.

The technology is simple; Aegis® is a long-chain polymer comprised of saline, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and once applied will remain on the surface for one to three years.

Aegis Microbe Shield

How It Works

How Does Aegis® Work.

It modifies treated surfaces by creating an inhospitable environment for microbes including bacteria, fungi and mould.


Aegis Mibrobe Shield is recommended For

Construction & Building Management
Health Care
Office and Workspaces
Sports and Recreation
Customized for your Needs

Using Aegis disinfectant

The Aegis® Difference

Revolutionary AEGIS Microbe Shield® provides durable, broad-spectrum protection to control and prevent the growth of microbes on surfaces with ONE application.

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Interesting Aegis® Facts

AEGIS is the most widely used antimicrobial in the world with case studies and registrations dating back to 1970.

  • AEGIS is the ONLY bonding antimicrobial to have global registrations.
  • AEGIS has been registered with Health Canada since the mid 1990’s and the US EPA since 1970.
  • AEGIS is manufactured by DOW Chemical and globally owned by Microban with PROTECT as the global distributor for the aftercare market.
  • If you are wearing Nike, Reebok, Adidas, UnderArmour or Rockport shoes – then you are already wearing AEGIS. Each of these apparel companies use AEGIS in their products to control and prevent microbial growth in their shoes, socks, shirts etc. 


AEGIS is a cationic antimicrobial that’s attracted to the microbe’s cell wall and neutralizes the cell wall’s natural protection by interacting with cellular proteins needed to maintain cell wall integrity. Its charge-disruption mode of action leads to the eventual breakdown of the microbial cell (also known as lysis).

Registered with and approved for use by Health Canada (Registration number PMRA PCP #15133). Registered with and approved for use by the US EPA (Registration Number #64881-1, 64881-2). Registered with and approved for use by the EU BCR/REACH (Registration number BPR – EC528/2012 – Compliant REACH PT: 7, 9)

AEGIS and AEGIS Microbe Shield are registered trademarks of AEGIS Environmental Management, Inc. U.S.A., sold and applied by McIntyre Group Installation Services.

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