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Hang Tight: Creating Seamless Panel Walls

Anyone can hang acoustic panels, but not everyone can make them as seamless as McIntyre Group. This edition of The Acoustic Influencer details a seven-step guide to creating tight seams, a couple more tips to avoid gaps and reveals our secret weapon.

The Steps to Success

Step 1: The Dry Run

  • Make sure to check if the walls are straight with a six- or eight-foot level or a laser
    • If not, be sure to document problem areas for the customer
  • Mark Panel 1 measurements on the wall as a dry run
  • Cut Panel 1 to size and shape
  • Place on the wall to be sure it fits

Step 2: Hanging Prep

  • Add acoustical tape to the back of the panel and roll it to make sure it’s embedded into the back-side fabric between adhesive lines
  • Dab construction adhesive directly onto the panel
  • Allow the adhesive to semi-dry so it’s tacky

Step 3: The Double Check

  • Be sure the panel edges are straight and even
  • Be sure there’s enough adhesive (you can even use hot glue)

Step 4: The Hang

  • Start in the middle or end of the wall depending on design
  • Place Panel 1 on the wall

Step 5: The Repeat

  • Follow Steps 1-4 with the next panel
  • Be sure it butts up as firmly as possible to Panel 1
  • Be sure both panels are square and level

Step 6: The Roll

  • Use a carpet roller to roll each panel to adhere the panel into the adhesive which adheres to the wall keeps the seams tight and secure
  • Roll the two panels together to further seal or use a line of tape that spans both panels
  • Repeat Steps 1-6 for the remaining panels

Step 7: The Gap Check

  • Panels need to be squared but can only be as tight as the drywall is plumb and level

The Secret Weapon

  • Our custom-built “Gus Tool” is a metal block designed by our lead installer with a knife blade that  cuts perfectly straight lines by gliding through panels (imagine a huge, powerful paper cutter)
  • This ensures the tightest seams possible if cuts are made on site

Potential Pitfalls

  • Installers need to a laser level. Tapes and the eye test simply won’t cut it.
  • Rolling everything is key to ensuring the tape is embedded into the fabric and the panel onto the wall

The Acoustic Influencer is always tight and seamless. Our goal is to create industry discussion around best practices in acoustic panel installation. If you liked this edition, please comment, share and subscribe.

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