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Interior Acoustic Design vs. Architectural Acoustic Design

When it comes to designing the interior of a physical space, there are subtle but specific differences between acoustic and architectural design. While both create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments, they have distinct focuses and responsibilities.

This edition of the Acoustic Influencer delves into those differences and explains how acoustic installation experts are generally involved.

First, the basics:

  • Interior design primarily focuses on aesthetics and overall appeal
  • Interior architecture focuses on structural and spatial aspects

In other words, how a space feels (design) and how it functions (architecture).

Interior designers work with clients to enhance the look and feel of a space using colour schemes, lighting, furniture, decorative elements, etc. Their goal is to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment based on client preferences and needs.

Interior architects go beyond aesthetics. They plan and design the layout and functionality of a space, even modifying a building’s interior structure and finishing materials to achieve maximum efficiency.

The architecture comes first, then the design.

McIntryre Group’s involvement in this two-step process is usually at the architectural stage. Acoustic selection is a structural exercise. Where and how to suspend ceiling panels? Where to place acoustic walls? How best to do both based on the building itself?

Once those decisions have been made, designers then get to work with colour choices and different shapes and sizes to give the space a unique and appealing look and feel. If they’re not familiar with how acoustics work, then we’ll consult on what’s best.

The Acoustic Influencer is all about feel and function. It’s here to be your go-to resource for information about the acoustic industry. If you’ve got questions, comments or ideas for future editions, please reach out. And don’t forget to smash that follow button.

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