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McIntyre Group skilled installers have been providing superior service for over 35 years in Ontario and Alberta. We have certified installers for almost every major brand and line of contract office furniture found in Canada today plus experience with complementary and niche products as well. Our highly skilled, dedicated installers have been in high demand to support dealers and manufacturers across Canada where local resources and expertise may be limited or unavailable. We specialize in supporting customers from outside our market to service their national and international clients.


Antimicrobial Treatments

McIntyre Group is proud to utilize (AEM 5700) known world wide as “Aegis® Microbe Shield”, a revolutionary defence changing the battle on harmful microbes. Aegis®’s active ingredient is composed of positively – charged molecules shaped like a layer of swords; this coating actively prevents and controls the development of Bacteria, Mould, Fungus, Yeast and Algae as an active surface protectant.

Office Furniture Installation

Office Furniture Installation Services

New Furniture Installations: If you need new office furniture installed, our certified experts have got you covered.

Reconfiguration: Our installers are masters at extending the life of existing furniture assets through reconfiguration.

Office Relocation: Whether it’s an external, internal or inter-office move, our experienced move managers can plan, coordinate and oversee every detail.

Refurbishing, Repair and Maintenance: We resize panels and work surfaces, re-upholster seating, replace panel fabrics, and do custom cutting to extend the life of your existing inventory.

Moves, Adds and Changes/Service Contracts: These services are personalized and flexible to assist you in managing all of your MAC requirements.

Intermarket Installation

Intermarket Installation

When furniture dealers have projects beyond their home markets they can be a real challenge to manage from a distance.  We specialize in supporting these dealers so they feel like they are onsite, even if they are on the other side of the continent. We have expert installers with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Ship your furniture to our warehouse. We’ll receive it, deliver and install it for your customer! Need help with project management, warehousing, installation, site verification and warranties? We can take care of it locally representing your company as if you were here!

Architectural Wall Installation

Architectural Wall Installation

McIntyre Group’s strategic emphasis on installation and reconfiguration services for interior demountable/movable walls reflects the market’s rapidly growing interest in products that can provide adaptability, sustainability, and cost efficiency relative to conventional interior construction.  Our specialty team will support you from initial site verification to completion of the installation.

Acoustics Installation

Acoustics Installation

With design trends now leaning towards open concepts, many workspaces are dealing with poor acoustics and lower employee/customer satisfaction. Our acoustic installation teams have the specialty skills to install the solution specified to help you create a more productive workspace.  Working at heights is often a requirement and our teams have the safety certifications required.

Retail Installation

Retail Installation

From boutiques to big box stores to national chains, McIntyre can tailor installation solutions to meet the client’s unique requirements. Our expertise spans to new-store buildouts, resets and product/seasonal rollouts. Our installers are also masters of extending the life of existing fixture assets through retrofit. They dismantle, move and re-install, expertly blending the various fixture elements as they go.

Storage And Inventory

Storage and Inventory

McIntyre assures efficiency in workplace change by providing centralized and well integrated logistical support. Our inventory specialists can assist by creating a detailed database of various on-site assets currently in use.  All inventory data can be accessed online through our SnapTracker™ asset management system to speed the planning of moves, adds and changes.

Corporate Facility Services

Moves, Adds and Changes/Service Contracts

Our dedication to our clients does not stop at the completion of individual project work. McIntyre Group offers complete onsite Corporate Facilities Services including furniture specification and space planning services, inventory control, increased repurposing of furniture assets, more efficient fulfillment of work orders, or all of the above, saving our clients substantially on their MAC expenditures. These services are personalized and flexible to assist you in managing all of your MAC requirements.

Swiftspace Workstation Rentals

Swiftspace Workstation Rentals

Swiftspace workstations are an industry first in combining convenience, modern look and a fast, flexible design. Swiftspace stations setup in less than 1 minute with no tools or training required, in turn eliminating any installation costs. When you have short term rental requirements, we have a fleet of workstations on the ready.Watch the video here on how simple the stations are to setup.

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