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Seven Interior Design Trends for 2024

This edition of the Acoustic Influencer is going to step away from the technical aspects of installation to dive into interior design trends for 2024. As companies do more and more to entice people back into offices, a big part of that is creating welcoming environments.

Gone are the days of drab colours and depressing workspaces featuring row upon row of desks. Modern offices need to be welcoming. And we don’t mean gimmicky perks like free snacks, chef days and foosball tables. We’re talking about evolving indoor spaces to change the way people conceive of them.

Acoustic materials like the kind offered by McIntrye Group play a big role in that evolution by changing the very nature of office spaces.

Here are seven interior design trends for 2024 and how acoustics play a role in them.


Vibrant is the name of the game now. Colours like Sunset Pink, Vanilla Cream, Aegean Bluescream “come on in and stay awhile” as opposed to dreary hues (if we can even call them hues) like silver, charcoal and beige. And black is black for its bold versatility as a base colour.


Patterns and perforations in wall panels create eye-catching features that can be customized to include corporate logos, local landmarks and other designs. Gone are the days of solid wall panels.


Sustainability is a trend across industries. Interior designers focus on using recycled materials, energy-efficient technologies and low-impact construction methods to create eco-friendly spaces.

Acoustic panels are made from recycled materials and never break down, making them pretty much as eco-friendly as it gets.


Wellness as a design concept refers to spaces that prioritize mental and physical well-being. Think dedicated meditation areas and encouraging physical activity, even improved indoor air quality. The idea is to create calming spaces people can use to escape noise or hustle and bustle or sometimes collaborate in.

You can’t create calm without covering up noise. Taking acoustics into account it key to any wellness design.


Minimalism is in. Designing with clean, symmetrical lines and focussing on functionality to create a sense of uncluttered spaces is hot. To install acoustic panels correctly, clean symmetrical lines are a must.


This is kind of the opposite of minimalism but trending because of its ability to create visually interesting spaces. Mixing different metals, woods or fabrics adds depth to spaces that otherwise might feel box-like. The right acoustic design plays a huge role in eliminating that sense as well.


This is an offshoot of eco-friendliness. Biophilic Design is the art of increasing people’s connectivity to nature by using natural elements when designing indoor spaces. The goal is to create peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environments with wood, plants and green walls.

Quiet Earth Moss (QEM) is the top-trending biophilic element. It’s organically preserved and sometimes called zombie grass because it’s just alive enough to be alive but doesn’t grow. It sustains itself by feeding on airborne micronutrients and doesn’t need any care — watering it is actually harmful. QEM is quickly surpassing live walls as the most popular natural indoor feature.

QEM is installed on acoustic panels, which are made from recycled materials, meaning the entire structure 100% renewable. It can also be hung from ceilings and dyed to match other interior aesthetics.

The Acoustic Influencer is definitely trending for 2024. Check back for more by following me and if we’ve missed anything above, please comment and share. We’d love to hear from you.

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